Animation – topsport FLOT

About this project

It’s absolutely possible to combine topsport with your study. But, mostly young athletes don’t really believe that. That’s why I made an animation for NOC*NSF. Combining topsport with your study isn’t easy. because of that, 10 universities and 15 HBO-institutions created an actionplan together with NOC*NSF. In the plan they made an agreement on organizing combining topsport with education.

Before I started working on the animation, they sent me a very long script. Fortunately, I got the creative freedom to re-write te text. That way, the animation would better suit the target group. I made the decision to tell the story from the perspective of one of the athletes. This young athlete is thinking about his future and what it is that he wants to study. During the animation you’re able to experience his whole journey trough the process. This process includes finding a study that suits him and making the necessary arrangements for both his education and his sport.


This project was very fun to work on. I got a lot of creative freedom to make important decisions. That’s how I could really create something that would suit the target group perfectly. Because of that, the animation turned out pretty good in my opinion. I think the animation can really help future students and athletes to make the right decision for their future.