Characterdesign – toby

About this project

In my spare time I love to make up stories and I love to think of new projects for myself to work on. That’s why I created this characterdesign. Because I think that every good character deserves a nice background story, I wrote a short story to go with the design. The story is about Toby, who’s an insecure zebra who grew up among beautiful athletic shiny black horses. Because Toby looks nothing like the horses, and can’t do everything they can do. That’s why he feels ugly and lonely. But one day he meets a small scruffy white pony. With her round belly and short legs, she also stands out in the group of horses. Toby and the pony turn out to have a lot more in common then not fitting in and become friends. They show each other that appearances really don’t matter. It’s a future plan of mine to make a storybook or animation out of this story.