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Penguin illustrated series

Everyone that knows me knows that I love birds, any birds really, but the ones I enjoy drawing the most are penguins. I found a neat simple style to draw them one day and kept drawing them in different situations and scenarios. The different illustrations started out with me wanting to be less perfectionistic with …

Frog illustrations

These illustrations were part of a thought experiment. What would frogs do if they had hobbies? Would they have the patience to care for a bonsai tree? Would they enjoy sharing stories? Or would they want to impress the other frogs by being very strong?

Children illustration of a Zebra standing in front of a mirror painting on its stripes.

Silly animals

Did you know that zebra’s are actually black with white stripes instead of the other way around? And did you know they’re colored like that to confuse and keep flies from landing on their fur? Those facts made me think of all the other stuff we might not know about animals and what kind of …